Info & Prices

Info & Prices

We create wonderful photographic services for:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Honeymoons
  • Family Portraits

…and much more!


Discover the most suggestive corners of Venice while we, Federico and Alfonso, will capture those moments naturally, spontaneously.

The next step is to select the most beautiful pictures taken, the ones that represent you best and convey your true emotions; we will improve these before sending them on, to become your unforgettable memories, in the true style of Venicelovephoto.


Honeymoon and Engagement

The service consists of a quiet stroll in Venice, accompanied by one of the two professional photographers from VeniceLovePhoto, to capture your smiles, emotions and wonderful moments together.
The photo shoot can take from 1 to 3 hours and is reserved for engaged couples, newlyweds on honeymoon or families.

1 hour: € 250: 25 high-resolution images will be provided, corrected and perfected by our professional photographers
2 hours: € 400: 50 high-resolution images will be provided, corrected and perfected by our professional photographers
3 hours: € 600: 70 high-resolution images will be provided, corrected and perfected by our professional photographers

Booking our photographic service is very simple! How?

1. Send us an email to with the date you would like for the photo shoot and the desired duration

2. You will receive a reply in a few days, with all the details including the start time of the service and the place to meet our photographer

3. For this type of service a deposit of 30% of the total is required. This can be paid easily and safely via Paypal inserting as beneficiary the email address of one of the VeniceLovePhoto photographers: Do not be afraid: millions of customers use PayPal around the world, find out more

4. On the day of the photo shoot you will meet the professional photographer from VeniceLovePhoto at the agreed meeting place 10 minutes before the service starts

5. The most exciting moment: the photographic tour will take you to the best corners in Venice and capture every moment

6. At the end of the photo shoot our photographer will be paid the balance

7. In the week after the photo shoot our photographers will carefully select the most beautiful pictures, improving them in detail: you will receive the images through a free online data transfer system called WeTransfer. Just click on the link in our email to download all the beautiful photographs to your computer!

8. Don’t forget to leave your opinion by email to or on our facebook page to help other people choose VeniceLovePhoto for their happy moments.


Wedding Reportage

VeniceLovePhoto specializes in photography services for your wedding.
Please write with your preferences and desires and we will reply with detailed information. Visit the
page with our work to find out what we can do for you.

Together with you and thanks to our experience we will organize a perfect photo session in the most interesting places in Venice.

Some information on the cost of the service:
- Photographic services starting from 3 hours of shooting
- The service includes: the photo session in Venice and a selection of the best photos taken, perfected by computer. The photos will be delivered in high quality, ready to be printed.
- The wedding reportage will cost from € 600. Supplement of € 500 on Saturdays and Sundays

Contact us for SPECIAL requests, you will receive a detailed quote within a few days.

VeniceLovePhoto offers a further wedding reportage service for discerning customers, where the skilled hands of Venetian craftsmen can enclose your emotions in various box sets: real works of art with the most beautiful images printed using the Fineart method and bound in elegant passepartout albums.


BOX and Book

Box in handmade Paper Fabric, created by Italian craftsmen with 20 images 13 x 20 cm, printed using the elegant Fineart method with ivory passepartout.

Price 200€



This collection consists of a fantastic opal Plexiglas display evoking the atmosphere of artistic Murano glass, with 12 images 13 x 20 cm printed in Fineart and set in a special frame.
Care and detail make MURANO Tower a creation of excellent design which has always been the hallmark of products Made in Italy
Price 500 €


BOX 21

This collection consists of a fantastic box set entirely handmade which holds 10 ivory cards 34 x 34 cm framing the 30 x 20 cm prints in Fineart paper.

Price 350€



This romantic tin box set contains the 30 x 20 cm prints in Fineart paper. The images are thus ready to be conserved in the box and shown at home or later framed.

Box set with 20 printed images

Price 220 €

Box set with 40 printed images

Price 380 €

Contact us now to book your photo shoot and if you have special requests please let us know… we will be pleased to give you an answer!

Or visit our facebook page to see the latest updated images.